Legal news from Tuesday, February 25, 2003
21:02 EDT

[JURIST] The Federalist Society has posted a new study on The Human Rights Record of the States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court [PDF text]. From the Introduction: "Of the 87 states parties to the Rome Statute, a clear majority (45) have been implicated in the [read more]

20:02 EDT

[JURIST] The Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) has posted its survey of law professors' salaries [PDF text] for the 2002-03 academic year. The survey covers 100 participating law schools across the US; 87 schools did not participate. [read more]

20:02 EDT

[JURIST] Johnson v. California [PDF opinion] (February 25, US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals [official website]). A panel of the Court ruled that a prison reception center housing policy which used race as one factor in assigning a new inmate's initial cell mate for 60 days did not violate the [read more]

17:02 EDT

[JURIST] Lawrence Solum [Legal Theory post] of Loyola Law School Los Angeles reflects on what he terms "a very dangerous trend" in public discourse towards opposing judicial nominees on the basis of political ideology. Rick Hasen [Election Law blog post], also of Loyola Law School, disagrees, saying that political ideology [read more]

16:02 EDT

[JURIST] SSRN is busy today. Two more new and interesting papers just posted online:Takings, Regulations, and Natural Property Rights [abstract]by Eric Claeys [faculty profile] of Saint Louis University School of Law [official website].From the Abstract: "According to most legal history and takings scholarship, the whole notion of a "regulatory taking" [read more]

14:02 EDT

[JURIST] Duke Law School [official website] professor and former US Solicitor General Walter Dellinger [faculty profile] says the process of selecting federal judges is poisoned by politics and needs reform. Read his op-ed, originally printed in Tuesday's Washington Post. [read more]

14:02 EDT

[JURIST] A bipartisan group of Senators - Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Arlen Specter (R-Penn.) - released a report Tuesday detailing problems in the FBI's implementation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and at the same time introduced a "sunshine" bill to enhance congressional oversight and public reporting [read more]

13:02 EDT

[JURIST] Attorney General John Ashcroft announced Tuesday that a federal grand jury in Denver had returned a 12-count indictment charging four former executives of Qwest Communications with corporate accounting fraud. Read a transcript of the Attorney General's announcement, the DOJ press release and the official indictment [PDF]. The US Securities [read more]

13:02 EDT

[JURIST] Margaret Burnham [faculty profile] of Northeastern University School of Law [official website], co-author of the plaintiffs' brief in the Doe v. Bush [PDF] war powers suit now on expedited appeal to the First Circuit following its dismissal yesterday in US District Court, says that for the first time in [read more]

11:02 EDT

[JURIST] A timely paper just up on SSRN:Law and Fear, Fear of Law: Iraq, and Beyond [abstract]by Mark Drumbl [faculty profile] of Washington and Lee University School of Law [official website]. From the Abstract: "This Paper examines the shifts in the law regarding the use of force - the jus [read more]

10:02 EDT

[JURIST] Breaking news from DC Supreme Court litigators Goldstein & Howe: "the Court reversed in the Keffler[sic] case 9-0 (per Souter) and the Miller-El case 8-1 (per Kennedy, Thomas dissenting)." Opinions and more details to follow.UPDATE: The Opinion in Washington State Department of Social and Health Services v. Keffeler [decision [read more]

09:02 EDT

[JURIST] A committee led by Harvard Law School [official website] professor Charles Ogletree [faculty profile] filed a lawsuit Monday to recover damages for the victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot and their descendants. The Harvard Crimson has more.The University of Tennessee College of Law [official website] announced Monday that [read more]

08:02 EDT

[JURIST] New and interesting papers on SSRN Tuesday include: Restorative Justice and the Dangers of Community [abstract]by Robert Weisberg [faculty profile] of Stanford Law School [official website]From the Abstract: "Restorative justice needs something to restore, and one key thing it is very often said to restore is, in some formulation [read more]

06:02 EDT

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday in Massaro v. US [US SC docket] (ineffective assistance of counsel, habeas corpus - read backgrounders and predictions from DC appellate litigators Goldstein & Howe and Sam Heldman) and Clackamas Gastroenterology v. Wells [US SC docket] (employers, Americans with Disabilities Act - [read more]

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