Legal news from Friday, February 28, 2003
20:02 EDT

[JURIST] Attorney General John Ashcroft and Senate Judiciary Committee Orrin Hatch both issued statements Friday reacting to the decision of the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals noted earlier today on JURIST [JURIST report] not to rehear en banc a case in which the court had held that school recitation [read more]

17:02 EDT

[JURIST] The South Texas College of Law [official website] announced Friday afternoon that James J. Alfini of Northern Illinois University College of Law will be its ninth President and Dean, succeeding incumbent Frank T. Read. Read the STCL press release. At Duke Law School [official website] February 26, atheist and [read more]

15:02 EDT

[JURIST] The Pentagon Friday released a draft instruction listing and defining violations of the laws of war and other offenses which it considers triable by military commission. The offense categories include terrorism, hijacking, "employing poisons and analogous weapons," using protected persons or property as shields, rape and spying. The instruction [read more]

15:02 EDT

[JURIST] The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia [official website] ordered the immediate release Friday of a Kosovo Albanian indicted and detained for war crimes in the murder and torture of Serb and Albanian civilians. Defense lawyers argued successfully [defense statement] that Agim Murtezi, 46, was "not the person [read more]

14:02 EDT

[JURIST] A split US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals [official website] ruled Friday that it would not grant an en banc rehearing of the case in which a three-judge panel had originally held [PDF opinion], in June 2002, that a 1954 federal Act adding the words "under God" to the [read more]

13:02 EDT

[JURIST] In a CATO Institute [official website] study released Friday, University of Michigan Law School professor Adam Pritchard [faculty profile] considers whether Congress should repeal securities class action reform [executive summary]. From the Executive Summary: "The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 was designed to curtail class action lawsuits [read more]

12:02 EDT

[JURIST] Barry University School of Law [official website] in Orlando has named a new Dean - Joseph Richard Hurt, currently dean of the Florida Coastal School of Law. Hunt takes over from incumbent Stanley Talcott on July 1. Barry University has more about Hurt and his appointment [Barry press release]. [read more]

11:02 EDT

[JURIST] UNMOVIC [official website] chief weapons inspector Hans Blix said Friday that Iraq's agreement [UN News report] to destroy its Al Samoud 2 missiles was a "very significant piece of real disarmament" in conformity with its obligations under UN Security Council Resolution 1441. Watch his statement to reporters at the [read more]

11:02 EDT

[JURIST] Lawrence Solum [Legal Theory blog] of Loyola Law School Los Angeles is reporting live Friday from the Digital Rights Management conference at UC Berkeley School of Law - he'll be heading to Stanford Law School for the Spectrum Policy conference tomorrow. At the University of North Carolina School of [read more]

10:02 EDT

[JURIST] Susan Hamill [faculty profile] of the University of Alabama School of Law [official website] has been making quite a splash recently in the wake of an Alabama Law Review article proposing reform of the tax system based on the principles of Judeo-Christian ethics [article text, PDF]. On February 25 [read more]

09:02 EDT

[JURIST] In a blunt speech in Toronto delivered Thursday after receiving an honorary degree from the Law Society of Upper Canada [official website], the body that regulates lawyers in the Canadian province of Ontario, Canadian Governor General Adrienne Clarkson (the official representative of the Queen in Canada) [official website] said [read more]

09:02 EDT

[JURIST] At the end of a week that marked the 200th anniversary of the famous case regarded as the fountainhead of judicial review, John Harrison [faculty profile] of the University of Virginia School of Law [official website] thinks so. Read his column in Friday's Legal Times. [read more]

09:02 EDT

[JURIST] The Oneida Indian Nation's recent $3 million gift to establish a Professorship in Indian Law at Harvard Law School [official website] is causing dissension among tribe members who say they weren't consulted. Friday's Harvard Crimson has more.It's old news to many "law blawgers", but also at HLS: Dave Winer [read more]

08:02 EDT

[JURIST] New and interesting papers on SSRN Friday include:The Rule of Law for Everyone? [abstract]by Brian Tamantha [faculty profile] of St. John's University School of Law [official website]From the Abstract: "The rule of law is the most prominent legitimating slogan of government in the world today, espoused my many leaders [read more]

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