Legal news from Thursday, January 6, 2005
17:01 EDT

[JURIST] Two law deans, one a former Navy Judge Advocate General and the other a former senior State Department official in the Clinton administration, testified late Thursday at Senate confirmation hearings for US Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales that the permissive approach to torture and the concomitantly narrow approach to [read more]

16:01 EDT

[JURIST] Military lawyers for an Australian detainee held at Guantanamo Bay Cuba have said in court papers that their client, originally detained by the US in Pakistan in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks, was later tranfered to US authorities in Egypt who subjected him to torture by [read more]

16:01 EDT

[JURIST] Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales faced almost six hours of Senate grilling Thursday during his portion of a day-long confirmation hearing that was by turns effusive, gruff, and scathing. Democratic Senators challenged the nominee on his handling of a wide range of legal issues as White House Counsel and [read more]

15:01 EDT

[JURIST] A US bankruptcy judge in Texas Thursday set February 16 as the start date for two days of oral arguments on the dismissal of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing made in December by Russian oil firm Yukos in a last-ditch bid to avoid Russian government auction of its assets [read more]

14:01 EDT

[JURIST] In a highly unusual move, ten former WorldCom (now MCI) directors have agreed to pay $18 million of a $54 million class-action settlement from their own pockets. The agreement is part of a settlement reached Wednesday with plaintiffs led by the New York State Common Retirement Fund who lost [read more]

13:01 EDT

[JURIST] UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland Thursday appealed to warring groups in the tsunami affected areas of South Asia to respect ceasefires, suspend their conflicts and stop reported acts of "banditry" that in a few instances he said have involved violence, attempted kidnapping and the hijacking of [read more]

13:01 EDT

[JURIST] Following up on a report this morning in JURIST's Paper Chase, Democratic lawmakers in the House and Senate have halted Congress' formal certification of the electoral college results and have forced a two-hour debate on problems encountered in the Ohio presidential vote after a challenge. This is only the [read more]

13:01 EDT

[JURIST] Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi announced Thursday that he has extended for a further 30 days the country's emergency law approved in July but only implemented in November. The extension carries the National Safety Law - authorizing the imposition of curfews, the closing of borders and airports and [read more]

12:01 EDT

[JURIST] Lawyers for suspected "dirty bomber" Jose Padilla have asked a South Carolina federal judge to hear their claim for a writ of habeas corpus or release Padilla, currently being held in the US Naval Weapons Station brig in Charleston. A brief filed Wednesday said that the claims made against [read more]

12:01 EDT

[JURIST] AP is reporting that the Ukrainian Supreme Court has rejected losing presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych's appeal of last month's presidential revote.12:45 PM ET - BBC News now has a full story here. [read more]

11:01 EDT

[JURIST] Continuing his campaign for tort reform, President Bush meets with lawmakers Thursday to discuss shifting many class-action suits from state to federal courts a day after delivering a speech in Illinois on capping damage awards for medical malpractice. The administration and its Congressional supporters emphasize the costs of so [read more]

11:01 EDT

[JURIST] AP is reporting that a federal bankruptcy judge in Alexandria, Virginia, has canceled a collective bargaining agreement between US Airways and its machinists union (part of the International Association of Machinists), providing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual savings to the struggling air carrier, but forcing pay cuts [read more]

10:01 EDT

[JURIST] Israel's Supreme Court ruled Thursday that thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody would not be eligible to vote in Paletinian elections scheduled for January 9. Chief Justice Aharon Barak said that Israel would not have time at this stage to prepare for including the prisoners in existing voting [read more]

10:01 EDT

[JURIST] White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales, President Bush's nominee for Attorney General, explicitly told the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning that "torture and abuse would not be tolerated" under his leadership of the Justice Department, that the Geneva Conventions would be honored "wherever they apply", and that the US generally [read more]

10:01 EDT

[JURIST] AP is reporting that Democrats will force debate in both the House and Senate on the Ohio election returns before formally certifying President Bush's re-election today. This is only the second time since 1877 that pre-certification debates have been forced. The debates, which will disrupt what would have been [read more]

09:01 EDT

[JURIST] The Texas 1st Court of Appeals has overturned Andrea Yates' capital murder convictions in the drownings of her children, ruling that false testimony by a state expert witness could have affected the judgment of the jury. Read the full text of the opinion here. The Houston Chronicle has more. [read more]

08:01 EDT

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court announced Wednesday that Chief Justice William Rehnquist has returned to the court to work part-time, but it is as yet uncertain when or if he will actually return to the bench when the Court resumes hearing cases Monday. Rehnquist, 80, is undergoing cancer treatment and [read more]

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