Legal news from Monday, August 29, 2005
18:08 EDT

[JURIST] Leading Monday's states brief, the Utah Supreme Court [official website] will hear oral arguments tomorrow on whether former lesbian Keri Lynn is legally entitled to a parental relationship with a child born to a former girlfriend, when the child's biological mother objects. Utah has previously allowed visitation by divorced [read more]

17:08 EDT

[JURIST] A New Jersey judge Monday rejected a motion by drugmaker Merck [corporate website] to postpone its scheduled second trial in connection with its Vioxx [JURIST report] painkiller, pulled off the market last year after it was found to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes [FDA public health [read more]

16:08 EDT

[JURIST] JURIST is looking for talented, public-service oriented law students from law schools in the US and abroad to join our team of real-time legal news editors this fall.From Los Angeles to London, from Chicago to Cairo - if you're a law student looking for intensive research, writing and editing [read more]

16:08 EDT

[JURIST] Attorneys for US citizen Ahmed Abu Ali [Wikipedia profile] were ordered Momday to produce expert reports to support his claim that he was abused while in Saudi custody. US District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee directed Ali's lawyers to file medical reports to corroborate his claim that he was physically [read more]

16:08 EDT

[JURIST] Arguments over Kenya's draft constitution [text, PDF] have intensified after former Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi [Wikipedia profile] spoke out in opposition to the document over the weekend, saying it would cause "animosity and distrust" in the country. Religious groups have also opposed the proposals championed by current President [read more]

16:08 EDT

[JURIST] China's Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress (NPC) [official website] has ratified the international World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control [official website], created earlier this year [JURIST report] as the first international legal means to lessen tobacco-related deaths and diseases. The treaty [text, PDF] creates [read more]

15:08 EDT

[JURIST] The former chairman of Egypt's largest state-owned newspaper allegedly took millions of dollars in secret payments, according to a report by Cairo's El-Osboa newspaper [media website, in Arabic]. Ibrahim Nafie became chairman of the Al-Ahram [media website] press group in 1979 and allegedly gave himself $14,400 daily from the [read more]

15:08 EDT

[JURIST] The New Mexico Supreme Court [official website] heard oral arguments Monday in a lawsuit filed by 2004 presidential candidates David Cobb [Green Party official website] and Michael Badnarik [Libertarian Party official website]. Attorneys for Cobb and Badnarik argued that New Mexico election officials deliberately obstructed justice by giving counties [read more]

15:08 EDT

[JURIST] Several civil rights organizations, including the University of Chicago Law School's MacArthur Justice Center [advocacy website] and the ACLU of Illinois [advocacy website] announced [press release] Monday that they have asked the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights [official website] to investigate allegations that as many as 20 Chicago police [read more]

15:08 EDT

[JURIST] An immigration judge held a hearing Monday to determine if former anti-Castro CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles [Wikipedia profile] should be granted asylum to the US after illegally entering through Mexico [JURIST report] earlier this year. Venezuelan officials have requested the Cuban citizen's extradition to their country [JURIST report] [read more]

14:08 EDT

[JURIST] KPMG [corporate website] agreed to pay $456 million Monday in a settlement that will allow the accounting firm to avoid federal criminal prosecution for selling abusive tax shelters enabling wealthy individuals to evade income tax liabilities during 1996-2002. KPMG admitted the firm attempted to hide fraudulent tax shelters from [read more]

12:08 EDT

[JURIST] An Iraqi judge investigating charges against Saddam Hussein [JURIST news archive] met with Kurdish officials Monday to gather information about the 1988 poison gas attack [Wikipedia backgrounder] against the northern Iraq village of Halabja. The investigating judge from the Iraqi Special Tribunal [official website] visited Halabja in order to [read more]

11:08 EDT

[JURIST] The Federal Elections Commission [official website] has asked a federal appeals court to reconsider its ruling that the FEC must write tougher rules for the enforcement of campaign financing laws. The FEC filed a petition for a rehearing en banc Monday, asking the US Court of Appeals for the [read more]

10:08 EDT

[JURIST] Prince Talal bin Abdel-Aziz [profile], a half-brother of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [Wikipedia profile] has called for political reform in Saudi Arabia, including the introduction of a constitution and a "quasi-legislative council." He told Radio Monte Carlo [media website] that Arab rulers should introduce change before they are [read more]

10:08 EDT

[JURIST] Israel's High Court of Justice [official website] issued a temporary injunction Sunday prohibiting the destruction of 20 synagogues in the now-evacuated Gaza Strip [Jerusalem Post report] until further notice. The order was issued in response to requests made by a former rabbi in the Gaza strip [JURIST report]. State [read more]

10:08 EDT

[JURIST] Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez [BBC profile] announced Sunday that his nation would take legal action against Christian evangelist Pat Robertson [personal website] and could seek his extradition to Venezuela, after Robertson suggested his assassination [AP report] last week. In a televised speech, Chavez said Venezuela could have Robertson extradited [read more]

09:08 EDT

[JURIST] Australian Prime Minister John Howard [official website] rejected a proposal Monday that Muslim girls be forbidden from wearing headscarves in public schools, saying that banning headscarves only would be impractical and banning headscarves only would be inconsistent. The suggestion was made by two members of Howard's Liberal Party [party [read more]

09:08 EDT

[JURIST] Iran rejected conditional negotiations with Europe concerning its nuclear program Sunday, instead voicing interest in talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency [official website]. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi also said the United States would not be included in any negotiations [IRNA report]. On Friday, top nuclear negotiator [read more]

08:08 EDT

[JURIST] Thousands of Sunni Arabs protested the draft Iraqi constitution [translated pre-revision draft; AP summary of revisions] Monday, one day after the revised draft was presented and read to the National Assembly [JURIST report]. The parliament did not vote to formally approve the draft, but the charter must be approved [read more]

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