Legal news from Tuesday, March 21, 2006
19:03 EDT

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive] Wednesday heard oral arguments on whether a patent on a two-step technique used to measure Vitamin B deficiencies allows its owners to monopolize an unpatentable scientific principle or natural phenomenon. Bush administration lawyers urged the Court not to consider the [read more]

19:03 EDT

[JURIST] Mikhail Khodorkovsky [MosNews profile; JURIST news archive; Khodorkovsky defense website], the former owner of Russian oil giant Yukos [corporate website] who was convicted of tax fraud last year and is now incarcerated in a Siberian prison [JURIST report], filed an appeal [press release] Tuesday in the European Court of [read more]

17:03 EDT

[JURIST] French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin [official website; BBC profile] indicated Tuesday that he might back off from his previous insistence [JURIST report] on a provision of the First Employment Contract (CPE) [FAQ, in French] he guided through Parliament earlier this month that would allow employers to fire any [read more]

15:03 EDT

[JURIST] The US has welcomed [State Department statement] a weekend agreement by the eight main political parties of Bosnia and Herzegovina [official website] on changes to the country's constitution [text] at the end of negotiations that began four months ago [JURIST report]. The final outstanding issue involving procedures for presidential [read more]

14:03 EDT

[JURIST] Chinese prosecutors are refusing to release a New York Times researcher despite receiving a court order last week dismissing the charges [JURIST report] against him, the researcher's lawyer said Tuesday. Zhao Yan has been detained since 2004, accused of leaking confidential state information to foreigners [JURIST report], but the [read more]

13:03 EDT

[JURIST] A Connecticut Superior Court [official website] on Tuesday began hearing a lawsuit brought by eight same-sex couples who claim that the state's marriage law is unconstitutional because it treats heterosexual couples differently than same-sex couples by defining marriage as existing only between a man and a woman. The lawsuit [read more]

13:03 EDT

[JURIST] Approximately 100 opposition activists in Belarus [JURIST news archive] have been detained for protesting the country's presidential elections over the weekend, which locked in a third term for Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko [official website; BBC profile], a lawyer for the Belarus People's Front party [Wikipedia backgrounder] said Tuesday. The [read more]

12:03 EDT

[JURIST] A new report issued Tuesday by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe [official website] says that a resurgence in Serb nationalism evident after the death in detention of ex-Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic [JURIST news archive] makes it unlikely that fugitive Bosnian Serb war crimes indictee Ratko Mladic [read more]

11:03 EDT

[JURIST] A Sri Lankan man seeking asylum in the US is expected to be released shortly after being held in prison for four years. The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit [official website] ordered the release of Ahilan Nadarajah Friday, holding that the US government was violating federal [read more]

11:03 EDT

[JURIST] A military jury has found US Army Sgt. Michael J. Smith guilty on six counts of abusing detainees at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison [JURIST news archive] for using his unmuzzled dog to intimidate inmates. Smith was found guilty of two counts of maltreatment of detainees, conspiring to make a [read more]

11:03 EDT

[JURIST] Eighty-five year old Algimantas Dailide, a retired real estate broker from the Cleveland area who was deported from the United States in 2003 for lying about his past, went on trial Monday in his native Lithuania, charged with helping the Nazis commit genocide [BBC backgrounder] against the Jews during [read more]

10:03 EDT

[JURIST] Canadian citizen Allen Abney, arrested [JURIST report] earlier this month at a US border crossing for deserting the US Marine Corps [official website] in the Vietnam war, said Monday at his first public appearance since his release [JURIST report] from military custody that he was well-treated while being held [read more]

10:03 EDT

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive] ruled Tuesday that anticipatory warrants [NYU Journal of Law & Liberty symposium] executed at some point in the future are allowed under the Fourth Amendment [text]. In US v. Grubbs [Duke Law backgrounder], 04-1414, the Court overruled a Ninth Circuit [read more]

10:03 EDT

[JURIST] A former Australian federal judge has offered scathing criticism on the country's newly approved anti-terror laws [JURIST document], saying the measures could lead to the growth of a police state. Former federal court Judge Marcus Einfeld [Claxton Speakers profile] said the legislation eroded human rights in Australia [JURIST news [read more]

09:03 EDT

[JURIST] Leading Tuesday's international brief, a Spanish judge has issued an indictment against 32 Islamic militants for an alleged attempt to set off explosives at Spain's National Court (Audiencia Nacional governing statute), the heart of its judicial anti-terror activities. Most of the 32 men charged - including alleged mastermind Mohamed [read more]

08:03 EDT

[JURIST] Danish prosecutors have charged a spokesman of radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir [advocacy website; Global Security backgrounder] with threatening the government and for breaking anti-racism laws. Hizb ut-Tahrir preaches in favor of a Muslim state across the Middle East and has been banned in some countries that fear its [read more]

08:03 EDT

[JURIST] Sixteen Ugandan men who were arrested and charged with treason along with defeated presidential candidate Kizza Besigye [BBC profile, JURIST news archive], claim that they were tortured by state security agents while in custody and are suing the Ugandan government for allegedly violating their "fundamental and non-derogable rights and [read more]

07:03 EDT

[JURIST] Maj. Michael Mori, the US Marine Corps lawyer representing Australian terror suspect David Hicks [JURIST news archive; advocacy website] in military commission proceedings at Guantanamo Bay [JURIST news archive], said Monday that the "imbalanced system" at Guantanamo presents a significant risk that innocent individuals will be convicted while truly [read more]

07:03 EDT

[JURIST] US military investigators are looking into allegations that made by Iraqi police that US troops killed 11 civilians in their home in Ishaqi last week, a military spokesman said Tuesday. US forces said they approached the house to arrest an al Qaeda suspect and that they only opened fire [read more]

06:03 EDT

[JURIST Europe] A classic legislative tug-of-war between the UK House of Lords and House of Commons continued Monday as peers once again sent the controversial Identity Cards Bill [official PDF text; JURIST news archive] back to MPs after a majority of 36 voted to keep the cards voluntary through 2011, [read more]

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