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Current and former student editors and staff describe what JURIST means to them.

Leigh Argentieri - Senior Editor

I love being a member of JURIST. ... JURIST provides a platform not just for providing legal news, but also for allowing people to participate, oftentimes for the first time, in the discussion that shapes the world in which we live. [more]

Lizzy Imbarlina - Student Commentary Section Head

Every day we are bombarded with news stories that are based on misinformation. These stories confuse the facts and often times have strong biases. Unfortunately, legal news is no stranger to this kind of reporting. ... JURIST seeks to address the problems with traditional media. ... JURIST focuses on the facts and does not rely upon personal biases. [more]

Clay Flaherty - Managing Editor

The law has a nasty reputation for being obtuse, complicated, and -- worst of all -- dull. I think that people often don't engage with legal journalism because of an assumption that they either won't understand what's being discussed or, worse, they can't see how the law is applicable in their lives. Piercing that assumption is what we do best at JURIST. [more]

Chris Buell, Esq. - Board Member and Student Editor 2003-2006

In a legal industry still on the learning curve of today's information age, JURIST brings a more than decade-long track record of harnessing legal information and making it available to JURIST's users in a real-time format and in its native state. And JURIST offers this as a public service, collecting, explaining and offering legal news in an open and ad-free format. [more]

Andrea Branson, Esq. - Pitt Law 2012 and former Senior Editor

As a former law student volunteer, I can tell you that an impressive amount of hard work and professionalism goes into making JURIST run at peak level, 365 days a year. Behind that drive is a deep commitment to serving the public and putting the law within everyone's reach. JURIST also needs financing to continue the hard work and to keep the website free to the public. [more]

Megan McKee - Pitt Law 2012 and former Student Commentary Section Head

JURIST documents current legal news of substantive importance in order to make it readily available to others, with no barriers, no subscriptions, no fees and no advertisements. A dedicated team comprised largely of volunteers makes this possible. They work hard to research and document legal developments because they believe access to legal knowledge is empowering. ... If you have benefited from JURIST or see the value in the service it provides, please consider making a donation. [more]

Maureen Cosgrove - Development Coordinator and Senior Editor

JURIST offers something more - relevant primary source documents right at your fingertips. . . . That skilled researchers with an array of language skills, specializations and research prowess provide free access to documents and news that is crucial to a quickly developing international legal environment is an extraordinary privilege. In order for JURIST to grow and continue to provide our readers a wealth of information, we ask for your assistance. [more]

Kimberly Bennett - Senior Editor and President of JURIST Student Association

Without grades or pay, one may wonder why a law student would give themselves extra work each week. For me, it is because I feel a sense of pride knowing that my peers and academic professionals can see the work that I have done. ... [S]upporting JURIST is not just supporting a publication. It is supporting students, full-time staff, and dedicated professor volunteers. [more]

Julia Zebley - Editorial Coordinator

I went to law school to ensure that every person I come in contact with cannot ignore the world around them simply through a lack of understanding of legal rhetoric. JURIST is one of the most effective tools in the world for combatting ignorance of law. I am proud to write and edit for it. [more]

Joshua M. Pantesco - Member, Board of Directors

JURIST's aim is to promote justice, nationally and internationally, by directing its readers' attention to the most important legal stories of the day. JURIST doesn't talk down to its readers. ... We assume that our readers are not only capable of understanding those documents, but have the desire to do so. [more]

Jeannie Shawl - Member, Board of Directors

I know that our readers appreciate the quality and timeliness of JURIST's reporting, the breadth of resources that JURIST makes available, and JURIST's willingness to cover stories based on their newsworthiness, rather than their sensational value. ... JURIST has proven itself as an institution that makes a difference - both in the educational benefit derived by our student editors, and by helping to shine a spotlight on important legal issues around the world. [more]

Jaimie Cremeans - Senior Editor

[JURIST] allows me to see firsthand how legal arguments and decisions can affect people throughout the world. ... It has been a great tool for me to both sharpen my writing skills and learn a lot about the legal process. I think it is a great way to take what we are learning in our classes and see it applied in real world situations. [more]

Dan Taglioli - Chief of Staff

JURIST also presents a unique opportunity to give back, to be a creator and editor in addition to being a mere consumer. JURIST allows me to make a tangible investment in the daily delivery of legal news, while working to build and hone a skill set of researching and writing that I can use for my entire legal career. [more]

Caleb Pittman - Academic Commentary Section Head

I was driven to go to law school out of an academic fascination with the law and out of a desire to learn something which I could use to make a positive impact on society. JURIST has helped me to fulfill both of these goals right from the beginning of my law school career to a degree that no other student organization could. ... When you give to JURIST, you are not only providing an exciting opportunity for law students, but also a kind of public news outlet that might not otherwise exist. [more]

Andrew Morgan, Esq. - Pitt Law 2011 and Executive Director

If you've ever found yourself bemoaning the depth and accuracy of your channel's coverage, you should be reading JURIST. ... Your donation will support JURIST in fulfilling its valuable academic, professional and civic mission. ... Perhaps most importantly, it will help the public at large, those outside of the legal community, to make informed decisions about legally related news that so often gets short shrift in major media outlets. [more]

Dwyer Arce - Pitt Law 2012 and former Managing Editor

JURIST serves as both a professional legal publication and an excellent vehicle for legal education for its readers and staffers. . . . JURIST [is] one of the most innovative and valuable publications in the legal field right now.  [more]

Andrew L. Gilmore, Esq. - Pitt Law 2010 and former Section Head

Without a doubt, I would not be the legal professional I am today without JURIST. The fact that so many legal scholars, professionals and policy-makers rely on JURIST for unvarnished legal news and insightful analysis on topics that simply aren't covered by other news organizations makes it an organization worthy of your support. [more]

Why does JURIST need your help?

JURIST is transitioning from an academic organization with a small number of institutional contributors to an independent and self-sustaining non-profit. Our primary benefactors have done much to move JURIST from one law professor’s hobby to the wide-reaching service it is today. But JURIST still operates on very lean budget. We need your help to ensure that JURIST has the resources necessary to continue its mission as these early benefactors begin to draw down their support.

Specifically, JURIST needs funds to:

  • Redesign the JURIST.org website
  • Fully develop a mobile version of JURIST.org, as well as iPhone and Android apps
  • Develop new programming, including audio and video coverage, seminars and conferences that will directly benefit our community
  • Cover costs associated with managing our law student staff, such as development of staff manuals, training materials, and even the occasional pizza for our hard-working law students
  • Increase outreach efforts to JURIST's audience
  • Establish an emergency reserve to cope with technical crises in a timely fashion
  • Add professional staff support for JURIST's Commentary
  • Add professional technical support
  • Ensure continued funding for JURIST's existing professional staff
Did you know?

In the last year, JURIST:

  • Produced new content every day of the year
  • Published over 2,600 news stories, 315 expert commentaries, and 7 special features at JURIST.org
  • Reached more than 400,000 readers in 195 countries and all 50 US states
  • Hired and trained more than 25 new students, pushing our total number of staffers above sixty (60)
  • Maintained two professional staff positions
JURIST welcomes comments and reaction from readers. E-mail us at: JURIST@jurist.org